Discovering Nature's Pinnacle

Coming across Anahita is like discovering a lost paradise. A wondrous garden, tucked between Mauritius' wild east coast and the turquoise ocean, it stretches along nearly six kilometres of untouched waterfront and mangrove-studded shores.

At first sight, this secluded expanse exudes its majesty through its immense lagoon, the largest on the island. Fringed by channels that lead to the open sea, the lagoon is an exceptional place, a cradle that protects and nurtures life.

Set foot on land and there is so much more to discover. The rolling lava terrain unveils unique microenvironments wherever one ventures. Ancient volcanic craters. Flaming trees. Flocks of gaudy birds swerving up and scattering like fireworks in the sky. Anshita sits at the heart of this inspiring setting.