Ref: prof-9992827

Sale or Long Term Rental for Commercial Spaces in Port-Louis

Modern 5-floor building. The location itself is a very attractive spot for local investors.

DESCRIPTION: (Ground Floor)
(1) Commercial spaces (with mezzalin)
Capacity: 600-650 sq.ft.
Facilities: fixtures and fittings, electrical fittings, flooring and 1 toilets per space.
Sale Price: Rs 2.9m - Rs 3.5m.

DESCRIPTION: (3rd & 4th Floor)
(1) Office Spaces for Long Term Rent
Capacity: 1700-2400 sq.ft.
Facilities: Electrical fittings, 2 toilets per floor & lift facilities.
Rent rate: Rs 20-Rs 35 per sq ft.

Ref#: PROF9992827 PRICE: Rs.20-35 per sq.ft.
TYPE: Commercial Spaces.
SPACE SIZE: 600-650, 1700 or 2400sq.ft.
SPACES: 2 commercial shops + 1 office spaces.

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