Tourist Information

From September 1-30, 2021, all vaccinated travelers will be allowed to quarantine only 7 days instead of 14 in “COVID safe hotels“, they will be free to explore the island after a negative PCR test on day 7.
Starting October 1, 2021, fully vaccinated international travelers will be allowed to enter the island without restrictions. Visitors who present a negative PCR test taken in the 72 hours before their departure will be able to explore the island freely from the moment they arrive.
Health regulations remain in place including temperature screenings, social distancing and mandatory face coverings. For more details please visit

The island, which is of volcanic origin, covers an area of 1,865 square kilometres or 720 square miles.
Coral reefs surround most of the coast except the south.
The average temperature during day time is 25° C (75° F) and rarely under 13° C (62° F) at night.

Driving in Mauritius

Due to the high import tax on new cars and spare parts, driving on Mauritius can be expensive. Only super grade leaded petrol is available on Mauritius and all cars use this. It costs slightly less than in Europe. Mauritius uses the British driving system (driving on the left).


Visas are not required for people with EEC or American passports.


The power supply is 240 volts and the power sockets use the british 3 pin standard. If you bring electrical appliances with you then you will probably need an adaptor.


The official language of Mauritius is English. A large number of people can therefore understand and speak it. The main language of the island however is Creole which is based on French. In addition the different ethnic groups speak such languages as Chinese and Hindi.


They use the Mauritian rupee. Currency rate is EURO 1.00 = 46.95 rupees.
Mauritian rupees do not circulate outside Mauritius so that you can only change money on the island.EURO/GBP or US$ travellers cheques and cash can be changed in the banks. (Please NOTE that the exchange rate for traveller's cheques is much better than for cash).

For more info on currency exchange with the rates of your country, please visit the Mauritius Commercial Bank

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