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Welcome to the Republic of Mauritius Embassy's World Wide Web information Service.

(Vacant) -- Ambassador
  • This World Wide Web site offers a constantly updated variety of information on
    • Services available at the Mauritius Embassy;
    • Mauritius foreign policy;
    • Mauritius' political and trade relations with the United States;
    • Business and individual tourist in Mauritius;
    • News and culture from Mauritius

    National Holiday: March 12.

    Ms S.C. Young Kim Fat, First Secretary/Deputy Chief of Mission

    Mr. V Busjeet, Economic and Trade Adviser

    Ms. S. Nurmahomed, Second Secretary

    You can look forward to new features being added regularly over the coming year. For information or services not currently provided here, please feel free to contact us as follows:

    Embassy of the Republic of Mauritius

    1709 N Street, NW
    Washington DC 20036, USA
    Tel.: (202) 244 1491/1492 Fax : (202) 966-0983