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Le Prince Maurice represents a new generation of 5-star luxury hotels. The concept moves away from over-decorated palaces towards a fresher and more relaxing plan of harmony with nature, integrity of design, and simplicity of décor. The Aman Resorts chain in Asia, created this spirit now reflected in this, the newest of Mauritius' superior resort hotels.

The Mauritian Hotel Industry is grateful to PRINCE MAURICE who created the spice route, thus giving great impetus to the trade of "divine essences". It is after his name that our island was named Mauritius, which became the most favourite port of call of the Dutch, and which later on became the distribution centre of Asian spices, thanks to Pierre POIVRE. The allure of the Indian Ocean islands has grown far beyond the quest for spices, leading to a demand for more knowledge of this exotic region.

In November 1998 Mauritius has revived it`s tradition by inaugurating LE PRINCE MAURICE, flagship of the island's five-star luxury hotel industry and the true symbol of a new generation of hotels. Located on a unique and exceptional site,

LE PRINCE MAURICE is a five star luxury hotel, overlooking a peaceful lagoon and the coral barrier reef. This site is indeed the true jewel of a natural predestined paradise.

Elegant and natural building materials such as marble, wood and stone  as well as an architecture allowing nature,water, space and light to create an atmosphere of comfort. This concept truly comes from Asian culture in its art of living embellished with the Mauritian's smile
and hospitality.
The service also depicts a new generation of luxury hotels.

Elegant and unrestrained, the service at LE PRINCE MAURICE reflects the tranquillity looked for a  discerning clientèle.

The setup of the hotel, only 88 suites in all includes 60 hectares and 4 beaches, provides for an unparalleled standard of service and care, uniquely personal, never familiar. The hotel is spread out along a sheltered coral sand beach and private lagoon. The suites are in two categories Senior and Junior. They are scattered along the pristine beach, in landscaped gardens, on waterways, and even suspended on site over the lagoon.

The Senior Suites are detached villas, each with a conventional interior bathroom as well as a stylish exterior walled bathing area, a waterfall shower cascading into a jacuzzi bath, surrounded by pebble gardens and flowers.

Each Senior Suite has a large terrace and a private swimming pool. Three of them are built on stilts, overlooking the calm lagoon.

The entrance to the Hotel features a towering port-cochere, leading to  the central lobby over bridges spanning palm-studded water displays. A pool stretches towards the lagoon, the waters seeming to blend one with the other. The Hotel has no reception area, or cashier's desk - guests are just that, and formalities are minimal and conducted privately

Signature shops and a tranquil library lead to an elegant lounge bar.This, in turn, leads to the restaurant, which is in three sections; each suspended over the pool, facing the lagoon. A unique floating restaurant provides serene views of the lagoon and the mountains against the setting sun, as guests enjoy freshly-prepared seafoods and grills.

 If all of this becomes too much, the select fitness centre provides secluded massage areas, an outdoor atrium pool and beauty therapy, all in an atmosphere of privacy and luxury. Le Prince Maurice offers discerning travellers refreshment and refinement in the midst of a healthy and relaxing environment on  one of the most beautiful islands on earth.

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