Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues is an island of volcanic origin, some 550 kilometres to the north-east of the island of Mauritius. With an area of 110 square kilometres, it is known as the tenth district of the Republic of Mauritius. It has a sheltered lagoon of about 200 square kilometres and is surrounded by over a dozen islets. Port Mathurin, the capital of Rodrigues is situated in the North of the island and the airport is at Plaine Corail.

Population and language

Rodrigues has a population of approximately 34,000 inhabitants originating from several countries of Africa, Europe and Asia. The majority speak Creole although English and French are utilised in administration and on social occasions respectively.


Summer: November to April 29 degrees celcius to 34 degrees celcius.
Winter: May to October 15 degrees celcius to 29 degrees celcius.


Climatic conditions typical of rodrigues have considerably reduced the island's dependency on agriculture. Fishing and animal rearing are the main economic activities. With the recent surge in tourism activity, the Rodriguans have become increasingly aware of the economic importance of their local crafts. A wide variety of handicraft goods are now available to tourists for taking back home as souvenirs.


Rodrigues has a lot to offer to the potential visitor and adds considerably to the holiday experience in Mauritius. It has its own specific charm: the harmonious and simple way of life of people from diverse origins and cultures, as well as their keenness to preserve both their social and physical environment. Meeting with the local population is something you cannot forget. Visitors have always been impressed by their unique lifestyle: a charming combination of simplicity, friendliness and hospitality. Rodrigues is home to several species of endemic tropical flora and fauna. It is the ideal and unspoilt environment for the nature lover seeking peace and tranquillity. Try bird-watching, or angling. Or if you prefer hiking round the island, it's an out of the world experience. Other popular attractions include visits to caves where the incredible works of nature, stalactites and stalagmites, take the shapes of the dragon, the lion and even the Buddha.